Roman Numerals & Swift

I don’t know if I will convert any of my existing iOS apps into Swift, but I do like the idea of it and the playground, in particular, is a nice way of experimenting.

I have made a simple roman numerals converter (2014 -> MMXIV) in Swift which you can find below or on GitHub . The main thing that I like is the enumerate and the for j in 0..<div although it would be nice to have something like j.times do {}.

Originally, I wanted to use a dictionary, but since they are not ordered I used two arrays instead, but enumerate does keep it clear.

Update: an alternative way of doing can be found in the following gist. This time I have used tuples rather than two arrays, which is a bit easier to read perhaps. I no longer need to use enumerate and the for loop no longer cares about the index for _ in 1...count.

More importantly, the function returns an optional string, so it is clear if the conversion worked or not. Alternatively, I could just check for an empty string or nil, but for the upcoming roman to arabic code, that wouldn’t make much sense.