State of affairs

The iPhone software are no longer on this website and have been moved to a new home at If you are looking for the hiragana and katakana online quizzes then they can be found at and if you are interested in my BeOS apps check out This website instead will be returning shortly…

Times Tables 2.3.6

A new version of Times Tables is available in the app store. This fixes the problem that iOS 3.1.3 users were having with the previous upgrade.

Times Tables 2.3.5

It took me a while but the latest update to Times Tables is available. This adds support for retina display and perhaps iPad as a universal app. You can find information about this app either on this website or

Times Tables 2.3.3

The TimesTables iPhone app has been recently updated to 2.3.3. The main two features in this version are that it will automatically start the app with the last player, and it will also show the last quiz that was played so that it can be played again easily. If you have downloaded 2.3.2 then you will need to download 2.3.3 because this fixes a bug where the highscores were no longer selectable.

Roman Numerals 1.4.1

I am working on an improved version of Roman Numerals with more conversion options and possibly an iPad version, however I wanted to focus on some of the issues that people have been having. This small update adds auto-repeat to the delete button so that it is easier to clear MCMXXVII from the screen instead of shaking your iPhone or iPod Touch.