BeOS projects

Well it has been a while but the source code to my BeOS projects seems to have reappeared. I don’t know how complete they are (I didn’t use version control in 2000-2002) and whether they compile or not, so I am trying them out. I have BeOS working in a QEMU emulator (well just ‘Q’ actually) but without network or colour. Trying to download haiku r1 alpha 1 to see how that goes instead. I will be posting updates to a separate tumblelog at I don’t suppose there is a version control that works with bfs attributes is there? I would like to stick the code on github, but that would just strip away the all-important attributes, so not very useful!

Times Tables 2.3.1

A new update to TimesTables should be available in the appstore. This version is a minor update that allows the question presentation to be mixed up. Previously there was the option to decide how to present the questions because in different countries the times tables are shown differently, for example:

1×7, 2×7, 3×7, 4×7, 5×7, …

7×1, 7×2, 7×3, 7×4, 7×5, …

Now, on the configuration page, there is the option to mix these up so that the questions can appear in either way. Sometimes it is easy to learn that 2 times 5 is 10, but what is 5 times 2?!

Email problems

Unfortunately, due to a DNS problem I appear to have lost any emails that were sent to me during the last week of March so if you contacted me then could you please resend me your email.

Times Tables 2.3

Times Tables has been updated to 2.3. This version adds support for multiple players, each with their own highscores, unlocked tables, and progress. If you have more than one child or want to use it in a classroom setting then this upgrade means that you can you let each child play without having to reset the progress or highscores each time.

Roman Numerals 1.4

Roman Numerals has been updated to 1.4. The main feature of this version is copy & paste. With this you can, for example, convert a roman numeral, copy the conversion and paste it in email, or copy a roman numeral from a webpage and paste it directly into the app without having to type it out.

You need to have upgraded to at least iPhone OS 3.0 (on either an iPhone or iPod Touch) to use this update, because copy and paste doesn’t work with previous versions of the iPhone OS.