Roman Quiz 1.2 available

An update to Roman Quiz is now available in the app store. In this version the quiz mode has been revamped to make the experience more interesting. The custom quiz mode has been replaced by four specific quizzes that test the various types of Roman Numerals. Each quiz starts off in Easy mode, and then in the following 3 modes each quiz is timed with the time available reducing in each level!

I have more plans for Roman Quiz so update to this version and let me know what you think.

Times Tables 2.1

TimesTables 2.1 has been approved by the app store and should now be available. This version adds 11x and 12x questions to each of the tables and also tries to simplify the way that information is shown so that is understandable even if the child cannot read yet.

The 11x and 12x questions are not enabled by default and this must be performed by using the Settings program and selected the 11x and 12x option.

I have also added a page on facebook and on uservoice where you can submit requests or vote on existing ideas.

Times Tables 2.0.2

A new version of TimesTables has been approved by the app store and should be available shortly. In this update it is possible to reset the high scores and the unlocked tables. To do this you must go into Settings and choose either “Reset unlocked tables” or “Reset highscores”.

In case you weren’t aware in the Settings you can choose whether the questions appear as 7×1=7 or 1×7=7 so that you can match how your child studies them in school.

Flurry of updates

This post is a bit late, but quite a few of my iPhone programs have been updated in the past week or so. Times Tables, Learn Time, Learn Time Lite, and Roman Quiz have all received a number of fixes and improvements.

My favourite change is the animated menu that I added to Learn Time and Learn Time Lite. The user is still presented with a table view from which they choose the starting level, but there is an animated fish swimming from side to side.

I will be releasing a new version of Times Tables soon that will allow the highscores and unlocked tables to be reset — useful if you are trying out the program and want to delete your highscores before giving it to your children.

LearnTime 1.2

In the following video you can see some of the new features of LearnTime. There is a new mode called “free play” that allows the child to play with the clock and see what time it is. I have also tried to make the program more appealing by adding sounds and animations on the game menus. I have a couple more things that I would like to add but I will add these in hopefully the next version. I do plan on adding another couple of themes so if you have any requests please contact me at

As always there is a demo version of LearnTime (LearnTime Lite) that allows you to try out the first two levels (essentially the hours and 15 minute intervals) and this is also available on the app store.